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Breeding and care of frogs

Do you want to breed your frogs? Not sure how to do it? Ranmania is here to help you. In our portal you will find all the information to create the ideal terrarium for the breeding of your favorite anurans!

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The most cultivated species

Discover with Ranamania information and curiosities about the main species of frogs, toads and the most cultivated tree frogs! Here you can find information about their habits, their nutrition, care and reproduction!

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raise meal insects

If you are planning to breed meal insects but don’t know how to do it, you are in the right section! Here you will find many tips for raising meal insects such as crickets, meal moths, kaimani and other insects for your frogs!

Breeding frogs

Discover all the secrets to best breed them

About us

Ranamania was born from the passion for the world of Amphibians. Here you can find useful tips on the care, breeding and reproduction of the most famous and well-bred species of frogs, toads and tree frogs, a guide for making and maintaining the perfect terrarium or aquaterrarium for your frogs, as well as curiosities and information about frogs , toads and tree frogs widespread in Italy, nice photos, instructions and explanations on the fantastic world of the Anurans.

The anurans

Characteristics, habits, diet, life cycle … this section contains useful and interesting information on the world of anurans.

Ranamania is an information portal for the care and breeding of frogs, toads and tree frogs.

Simple and in-depth cards
on the most bred frogs


Ranamania takes you to discover the most common amphibians and anurans in our territory. A list of Italian frogs and toads species. Complete factsheets that illustrate habitats, eating habits and many other curiosities about the species of frogs, toads and Italian tree frogs.